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What are the benefits of joining Seadoo Safari?


Brand awareness of Seadoo Safari

Seadoo Safari is well known and spread in several places in Indonesia and Malaysia, which are growing and doing well. By using our brand, you will get a good and proper values.

The first benefit you get is the brand and logo “Seadoo Safari <your city>”


Seadoo Safari Starter Kits

  • Seadoo Units
  • Seadoo PFD (Personal Floating Device)
  • PWC Trailers


Guest Service and Trip Management Training

Providing good service to guests is an important process in running Seadoo Safari, so it’s important to train the stages of receiving guests properly. Similarly, how to manage a trip so that the Seadoo Safari runs smoothly, including those related to the stock or availability of units and crews.

All of the above will be provided as training material.


Standard Operation Procedures Training

You will receive training on Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs), which relate to the following stages:

  • Preparation
    Preparation is the most important part of perfection, therefore either the operator or the customer or anything related to the event must be well prepared, so that the event runs well.
  • Briefing (do’s and don’ts)
    An understanding of the do’s and dont’s must always be informed to both the organizer/operator and the customer so that no mistakes or unwanted things occur.
  • Technical
    Technical understanding and procedures for use / driving and handling processes on Sea-Doo units are very important to understand so that Seadoo Safari activities can run smoothly, this applies to both customers and operators. 
  • Maintenance
    Maintenance is of utmost importance, so operators must be familiar with how Sea-Doo engines work and what maintenance is required to keep the unit in tip-top shape.

As a partner, you will receive this training in detail and clarity.


Marketing Tools

We are very aware and understand that in today’s era digitalization is an absolute must-have and follow, therefore we support by providing the right marketing tools, including :

  • Website with a special domain ex. seadoosafari <your city>.com
  • Social media
  • Application / online booking
  • Design (flyers, banners, etc.)


Support From Sea-Doo

We are fully supported by Sea-Doo, please note why we use Sea-Doo products, because this product is the best product in many ways, including futuristic design, qualified engine formulation, powerful performance, maximum durability and other excellent reasons. The following items are supported by Sea-Doo:

  • Unit
  • Maintenance and Parts
  • Accessories
  • Apparel

This is the best benefit for you


Support Interior & Exterior Design and Grand Opening needs

To standardize the design and enliven the opening atmosphere, we provide full support for the following:

  • Signage design (exterior)
  • Wall posters and/or glass posters
  • Video Looping
  • Flyer design
  • Banner design
  • T-shirt design
  • Seadoo safari logo design <city> for Seadoo unit body stickers
  • Design of functional spaces that are needed and should at least be present, such as waiting area, rinse area and toilet, gas station, wet and dry riding gear (vest, gloves, goggles, etc.)