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FAQ Seadoo Safari

What are the prospects of Seadoo Safari?

Seadoo Safari is a water adventure activity accessible to everyone with the middle to upper segment. With the support of BRP vehicle units, experience in outdoor adventure, and also supporting tourist destinations, Seadoo Safari has promising business prospects for the long term.

What kind of property or land needs to be prepared that meets Seadoo Safari's standards?

Properties or lands that meet our standards are those located near a lake or beach.

What is the need to prepare to join as a partner?

You need to have land or property located near a beach or lake, and need to hiring team.

How many units to be provisioned?

Minimum unit requirements and other necessary equipment are already part of the starter kit we provide to partners.

How many teams should be recruited?

At least 1 admin, 2 road captains and 1 crew.

What is the minimum trip package price provided at Seadoo Safari branches that are already running?

Our package prices for each branch differ depending on the destination. The minimum package price is around 400,000 rupiah for a 15-minute ride.