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The Seadoo Safari concept is designed and developed very comprehensively, this is done so that all Seadoo Safari branches progress and develop optimally, here are the things we do:

  1. The concept of identity standardization. this is reflected in the identity of each branch such as signage, logos, banners, facilities, procedures, and others related to the characteristics. Thus people who see will easily recognize, remember so that it can make Seadoo Safari as top of mind in the PWC rental business.
  2. Integrated website concept. We design a different but identical website to be given to each branch with a special domain name that matches the name of your Seadoo Safari (example: seadoosafari<your city>.com). This is done to give an element of credibility to your Seadoo Safari. The advantages of the website we designed include:
    • Has complete information and in accordance with the needs of your Seadoo Safari.
    • Has an optimal SEO (Search Engine Optimization) function.
    • Has a back link feature or linkage with other Seadoo Safari well (other Seadoo Safari list feature). Thus, if visitors open one of the branch websites, then other branch websites can or have the opportunity to be opened as well. This is important for SEO distribution so that all Seadoo Safari branches progress and develop optimally.
    • And other features that are important and supportive
  1. Payment gateway. In addition to customers being able to make direct bookings through each branch’s website, we also provide integrated booking (tripwe booking) and payment (tripwepay) applications. For information, tripwe has two platforms, namely web base (www.tripwe.com) and application (iOS and android).
  2. Marketing center, is a portal with special access that contains information, downloads and other Seadoo Safari standardization needs, including:
    • Logo (All color and Placement) with bitmap and vector file format.
    • Apparel sample design
    • Equipment sample design
    • Font
    • Online Ad template design
    • Print Ad sample design (billboard, flyer, flying banner)
    • Social media sample design
    • Web Banner template
    • SOP
  1. Consultation